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Volunteer Posting: French Blog Editor

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Calling all French-speaking editors! As you may know, The Editors’ Weekly has historically operated in English. Earlier this year, Editors Canada launched l’Hebdomadaire des réviseurs to share French-language content alongside the English posts here at The Editors’ Weekly. And now we need a managing editor for this new companion blog!

If you’re interested in learning more about this role, read on — or, if you prefer, read about the role in French.

Why volunteer?

In addition to helping Editors Canada fill a need, you’ll have a built-in opportunity for professional development! From technical tips to personal reflections on editing, there’s always something new to learn from the blog — and as managing editor for l’Hebdomadaire des réviseurs, you’ll have early access to each post!

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to build your professional network! The managing editor works closely with the other blog volunteers and with the contributors who are writing the posts. 

The right fit

Do you meet the criteria for the role? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Membership in Editors Canada (student affiliates are also welcome to apply)
  • Professional-level fluency in Canadian French
  • A commitment to conscious language

This role is open to editors at any stage of their careers, but the volunteer should be comfortable following a style guide and suggesting structural, stylistic and copy edits to contributors.

The role at a glance

The managing editor will be in charge of the editorial calendar for l’Hebdomadaire des réviseurs, as well as oversight of the volunteer proofreader and social media contributor. Responsibilities will include the following:

  • Responding to inquiries from prospective contributors
  • Seeking out potential contributors to ensure a broad and engaging array of posts 
  • Ensuring a diversity of voices and blog topics in compliance with Editors Canada’s EDI principles and values
  • Conducting initial edits (one or more rounds as needed) on contributors’ drafts
  • Liaising with internal reviewers to get Editors Canada approval on posts
  • Reviewing the work of the proofreader and social media coordinator to approve any final edits
  • Checking the formatting of posts that have been uploaded to WordPress and our social media scheduler

Time commitment

As its name suggests, The Editors’ Weekly publishes once a week. Because the French blog is newer, the schedule for l’Hebdomadaire des réviseurs is at the discretion of the managing editor (in consultation with the marketing and communications committee). There may also be opportunities to translate existing content from The Editors’ Weekly into French.

With a weekly publication schedule, the average time commitment for the managing editor is likely to be around one to two hours per week, with occasional weeks requiring more time. However, this may vary if posts are scheduled quarterly, monthly or on an ad hoc basis. 

Apply now

To learn more about the role, please contact Laura Bontje at (Regretfully, I do not speak French, so I am happy to correspond in English or to include a French volunteer in our communication!)


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