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New Websites for The Editors’ Weekly

On a blue background, the Editors Canada caret logo appears in front of a white calendar page with one date highlighted in red.

With the launch of Editors Canada’s new website comes a refreshed look for The Editors’ Weekly! Take some time to look around and explore!

One of the biggest changes for the blog is the creation of a dedicated site for French content. While The Editors’ Weekly currently operates in English, we do get occasional posts in French, as well as posts that are published simultaneously in both languages. Going forward, you can find French content for L’Hebdomadaire des réviseurs at

[Editor’s note: Our new websites feature all the content you’ve enjoyed over from our contributors over the years. However, you may notice that reader comments on our January 2024 posts did not carry over to the new sites. I apologize to those who left such thoughtful remarks last month!]

As we continue into the spring with the blog’s shiny new websites, we’ll be looking for wonderful new content too! If you’d like to write for The Editors’ Weekly, please share your idea through our contact form or by email to

Thank you to Editors Canada and the website task force for all your hard work!


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