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Proceed to Editors 24: Present Progressive!

Across the top of the conference logo is a wavy banner. On the left side of the banner are documents with editing marks and a yellow highlighter, and on the right is an open laptop. The Editors Canada logo is below the banner, and across the bottom of the conference logo are the words "Editors Canada 2024 Conference | Conférence de Réviseurs Canada 2024, Present Progressive | Le Présent Progressif"

A reminder…

The secret’s out! Canada’s premier editing conference will be taking place in just a few short months in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. If you’ve missed the emails, Facebook invites, billboards and pointed notes left on your doorstep, please consider this your official invitation.

The conference will be held from June 21 to 23 at the Harbour Centre campus of Simon Fraser University, and the theme is Present Progressive: Passion, Precision and Purpose.

How to attend

Registration for the conference is OPEN and early bird prices are available until April 25 — which is practically tomorrow, am I right? See below for pricing or visit the conference website, which contains everything you need to know about registering, accommodations and more. You can also download the PheedLoop app to stay on top of conference updates.

  • Editors Canada members: $399 ($499 as of April 26)
  • Partner organization members: $399 ($499 as of April 26)
  • Student affiliates: $249
  • Non-members: $599 ($699 as of April 26)

Register now to secure your spot!

Why attend?

Apart from the (very fact-checked) fact that this conference will reach never-before-seen heights of editorial philosophy and technologies, it’s also an unmissable opportunity to make those rare in-person connections with your peers (who do not bite, I swear). 

In all seriousness, we committee members are so looking forward to seeing our far-flung colleagues in real life (to pilfer last year’s theme). All of us face huge new challenges; tackling these issues together and reminding each other of the joy in this profession is the best way to move forward with passion, precision and purpose.


If you’re still on the fence about attending, Editors 24 has two incredible keynote speakers this year: Amber Riaz and Adrienne Montgomerie. Read about their expertise below!

Amber Riaz

Amber Riaz works part-time as an editorial assistant at the Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank, where she supports the publishing team in preparing reports for publication and performing other administrative duties as needed. In addition, Amber edits academic books, journal articles and dissertations/theses, mostly in the humanities and social sciences, through her own freelance editing business, A4 Editing.

Amber is a member of Editors Canada; the current chair of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee; and a volunteer project coordinator for the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) Vancouver. She is passionate about matters of inclusion and diversity as they apply to the publishing industry and works hard to keep up with discussions about conscious language and its use in manuscripts. In her spare time, she loves to read fiction, knit, hike and experiment with fusion cooking.

Adrienne Montgomerie

Adrienne Montgomerie

“An awesomer of hard words” is how Adrienne describes themself. You probably know them as SciEditor or the one who tells you to raise your rates, that perfection isn’t scientifically possible and that there’s an easier way through MS Word. Or maybe you know them as an avid sea kayaker or hand-feeder of blue jays and wild turkeys. 

Adrienne has been a freelance editor of technical materials like manuals and textbooks in the so-called hard sciences, maths and software since 1997. Since 2012, they’ve been teaching privately and in editing programs at major universities, including Simon Fraser! Adrienne has won both the Karen Virag Award and the Lee d’Anjou Volunteer of the Year Award and is a certified copy editor hailing from the traditional lands of the Huron-Wendat, Ojibwe and Haudenosaunee peoples at the eastern tip of Lake Ontario.

Register now

If you have any lingering questions or festering doubts (conference-related only please), feel free to get in touch by emailing You can also join the conference Facebook group to keep on top of updates and news.

We hope to see you in June for Editors 24: Present Progressive. Register now, because we planners predict pleasing, professional and practically perfect proceedings. Please promise to pop by!


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