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Goodbyes and Hellos: Changes to Our Editorial Team

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It’s been many years since I was in school, yet July still feels like a time of transition — a month where one grade has ended and a new one is on the horizon. So it seems fitting that we’re celebrating this year’s “graduating class” of Editors’ Weekly team members in July and welcoming our incoming volunteers.

Proofreader and social media coordinator

I’ve had the privilege of volunteering with The Editors’ Weekly since 2021, but this year has been my first as managing editor for the blog (a role I look forward to continuing into 2025). And I couldn’t have asked for a better partner as I navigated this new position than Emily Lam, who stepped into the role of proofreader and social media coordinator.

Every post and every tweet for the past year has benefited from Emily’s sharp eye for detail and astute insights into plain language, conscious language and effective web writing. While we’ll miss her at The Editors’ Weekly, editors of scholarly work can continue to connect with Emily through the academic editing special interest group (also called the AE Chapter).

I’m excited to share that Kay Pettigrew will be joining the team as our new proofreader and social media coordinator. Kay is a freelance writer and editor from Montreal and the recipient of a 2023 Equity Fellowship from Editors Canada. She is interested in work that merges the arts, disability, queerness and social justice. We’re excited to have her on board (pun intended: she’s also worked as a boat detailer)!

Director of marketing and communications

This summer, we also bid farewell to Ruth Pentinga, whose editorial guidance and unwavering support behind the scenes have been a vital part of The Editors’ Weekly. Her position will be filled by Mina Holië, who previously held the role of secretary on the national executive council (NEC).

Overseeing the editorial team for The Editors’ Weekly is just one of the many responsibilities of the director of marketing and communications. You can learn more about this and other national executive committee director roles in the recent Editors’ Weekly series “The NEC in Detail.”

Happy summer!

Please join me in thanking Emily and Ruth for their volunteer service and extending a warm welcome to Kay and Mina!

If you enjoy reading The Editors’ Weekly, consider adding your own insights about your editorial niche, your business practices or an editing topic that matters to you! We’re always open to new contributors. To submit an idea for a post, you can email me at or fill out the contact form on our website.


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